by Cara Nusinov

        Thank you for visiting my website, my home for my art creations and everything poetic.  By combining my love and ability for writing poetry and prose, and combining color, creativity, and poetry therapy studies, I hope to create a place for your enjoyment.

        My poetry collection ranges from love poems and nature poems to kids poems and war poems and all subjects in between. I have written since the age of eight.

        My art combines my poetry, painting and decoupage. For example, I may take my best poem about friendship and glue it artistically to a painting to create an imagery poem- painting; or I could write a personal cover poem as a gift for a journal or poetry book.

         I’ve posted free poems here for your enjoyment on the website or you may commission me to write, for example, a romantic poem as is, or a work of art.

        Since I write poems about most subjects, your imagination is the limit.

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